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Travel Belts


Travel Belts

$ 12.00

Oh, I am so excited about this Linen Feast creation!  These travel belts come in three sizes and thirteen patterns, so there's something for everybody here.

Here's the deal on how they work; there is a small elastic section in the back, so they stretch to be pulled on over your head or you can shimmy into it.  The sizing is meant to allow some stylistic flexibility.  You can wear the belt higher with a dress or on your hips with jeans, yoga pants, or a skirt. 

And now for the best news about these fabulous belts; they have a top secret, super hidden, easily accessible pocket for your phone, money, credit cards.  I wear the shibori travel belt all over the world! 


Small 27" - 33"

Medium 33" - 39"

Large 37" - 43"

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