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Shop with Purpose

Linen Feast brings to you a unique and storied set of home decor products and personal accessories.  I believe in buying and selling with integrity, and I do this through developing lasting relationships with both artisans and customers.  Shop with Linen Feast for decorative pillows, dish towels, kantha blankets, table cloths and napkins, jewelry, scarves and more!

The kantha collections represent the essence of ethical buying that I strive for at Linen Feast.  They are made from vintage fabrics, and two of the collections are made by women who are finding freedom through safe and supportive working environments.  

My commitment to ethical buying extends far beyond the buying I do for Linen Feast.  I am committed to a life as a mindful consumer (see my recent blog posts for more details), and I challenge you to join me in always shopping with a purpose!