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The Linen Feast Story


About Me

For 13 years I was a mathematics teacher in both public and private secondary schools. I always viewed my seven week summer break as an opportunity to experience a new place.  I traveled alone and with a dear friend, to Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.  Two years ago I came to live in India as a teacher, and quickly discovered that I wanted my travels to expand beyond my summer holidays.

As a consumer in the US, I struggle with the uncertain ethics of the products I buy.  I worry about the environmental impact and the labor practices employed in making the things I buy, but also find that ethical products come at a premium that I often cannot afford.  It is out of my passion for travel and desire to create an affordable and ethical shopping experience, that Linen Feast is born.  

About Linen Feast

At Linen Feast, whether working with a manufacturer, wholesaler, or directly with artisans, I strive to buy with integrity.  What I sell will never come at the cost of the well-being of those who are involved in creating the products.  Most of the products are handmade and all of my partners employ fair labor practices.

I also sell with integrity; I bring fairly priced, high quality products to the consumer who seeks small production items and storied products.  Many of my products are truly one of a kind.  I want you to feel good about the purchases you make for yourself, your home, and others.

Do you have questions about products, custom ordering, ordering, supply and source information?  Do you want to get involved by hosting a Linen Feast trunk show?  

I want to hear from you!