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Kantha Throw Blankets

If you are taking small or giant steps toward buying better, the Love Calcutta Arts kantha blankets are the best place to get started.  Wrapped in these blankets are the highest standards of ethical production, sustainability, and fair trade practices.  A throw blanket, often thought of as a frivolous or luxury item, is now a cause-based, timeless treasure. These kantha throw blankets, made from five layers of recycled saris, are hand stitched by women who were victims of human trafficking.  Love Calcutta Arts, a freedom business that lives and thrives near a notorious red light district in Kolkata, offers women a new beginning rooted in freedom and dignity.  The value of your purchase extends far beyond the blanket and the joy it will bring to you; it also helps sustain a business in Kolkata that is participating in the movement to eradicate human trafficking in the region. 

What is best about kantha is that the fabric has lived a full life, so your blanket does not need to be handled delicately.  Take it to the beach, throw it on that comfy porch chair, take it on a picnic, or make it that special blanket in the family room.  Kantha blankets are also the perfect color-add to the foot of a bed dressed in white.  This blanket can easily become that special blanket in your home to be kept for a lifetime.  

The blankets are light and soft, 100% cotton, and loaded with the vibrant colors indicative of Indian prints.

Dimensions: 40" x 80"