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2017: My Year of Better Buying

In 2017, I have committed to better, more conscientious buying.  What does this look like for me?

1) Patagonia or Uniqlo

When I was in the Patagonia store looking to buy a light down jacket, I Googled "Uniqlo and ethical production" and "Uniqlo and fast fashion" to get myself over the line to invest in a Patagonia jacket.  See for yourself why the Patagonia buy became a no-brainer.

Price tag justifications:

  • I listened to this podcast on Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard.  You should too.
  • I decided to stop buying products - when there is a clear choice in front of me - that were made potentially at the expense of a human's well-being. Simple.
  • On the other side of boycotting businesses that do harm, I think it is important to support companies that are trying to do right in the world.  I believe Patagonia is one of those companies.

2) My S'well bottle

$35 for a water bottle, y'all.  A sleek hunk of stainless steel, "Water Bottle" is only half of its name.  I want a do-over for all of those years of teaching, during which time the coffee-mug-water-bottle shuffle was always an epic failure.  Lost coffee mug tops, lost water bottles, coffee mugs left at bars, houses (not mine), or at work for days on end (moldy!). I was always juggling a water bottle and a coffee mug and one of the two was always compromised.

Price tag justifications:

  • Have you read this founder's story?  Sarah Kauss is awesome and funny and relentless.
  • Er, did you hear me gush about the old coffee-mug-meets-water-bottle-to-solve-world-peace story?  I do have one more thing to say about this recent purchase - the insulation is no joke, coffee stays H-O-T hot and the water stays brrr cold.
  • I'd be lying if I denied loving the designs and sleekness.  I don't want to be one of those people that sees a water bottle as an accessory, but they're so perty!

That's all for now.  And by all, I mean those are the only two durable goods I have bought in 2017 (and the S'well bottle was actually a Q4 2016 purchase).  Take that!  On the lookout for some ethical undergarments and some better-buy blue jeans.  Have any ideas?  Share in the comments below.

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