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Cotton Revolution - No Nasties and My New Favorite Tee

Looking back at my blog posts, I'm surprised to see I haven't written about No Nasties yet!  About three years ago when I was teaching in Mumbai, I received my first No Nasties t-shirt as a gift.  So when I started Linen Feast, I researched this company with its quirky name and ingredient labeling inside the shirt.  What I found was a company that embodies my most fundamental core value in choosing companies and manufacturers.  Like Freeset, No Nasties was founded with human well-being at its center.  Not all companies start like this, not even all "good" companies.  Some are founded around environmental sustainability, others in the spirit of slow fashion, others for work culture.  And this is what brings me to why I'm obsessed with this company.

No Nasties t-shirt

Meeting the most prolific wood block carving craftsman in Gujarat, in my No Nasties t-shirt. 

Apurva founded No Nasties to address the suicide epidemic among farmers in India.  But he didn't stop there; he created a company to revolutionize the way people buy cotton products in India.  He also committed to using organic cotton only, and also to reducing the fashion waste that is rampant all over the world.  When I met Apurva, we talked at great length about his revolutionary vision.  After we covered most of what I knew from the website, he mentioned something about slow fashion.  He then told me that all of the clothing produced by No Nasties is from organic cotton that was excess from another order.  In other words, he works with these farms and factories, buys all of the unused cotton, and upcycles it (with water-based and eco-friendly dyes) into the fabulous clothing that they sell.

I have just now arrived to the best part of this story.  Here it is.  My gifted tee is my favorite tee.  I wear it all the time and this, at a time when cotton shirts are disposable.

The first No Nasties product I am carrying is this wear-it-all-the-time oversized top.  So join Apurva in his revolution to change the clothing industry.  And join me in exercising your purchase POWER, and look good doing it!

No Nasties top in grey.

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