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Bathing Suits and Slippers

But probably not at the same time.  Oddly, this is a pair of items that I'm on the hunt for right now.  I've relocated, at least temporarily, to Santa Monica as I gear up for summer I find myself (again) without beachwear.  In avoidance of big box stores, unknown origins and unknown environmental and labor practices of swimwear that's at my fingertips, I began my hunt for ethical brands.  Here's what I found so far:

From Bienfaire comes this blog post, My Top 10 Ethical Swimwear Brands.  What I like about this post is that she lays out in a concise way, the reason it's on the list and why she likes the brand.  From this list, I'm likely to buy from either Swoon or Rey Swimwear, or I might just buy from Bienfaire - its mission is close to my heart as it attempts to make ethical shopping more accessible and convenient!

The other post I read came from a favorite resource of mine, The Good Trade, an online publication for guiding your ethical shopping quest.  I use it all the time now as I commit to ethical buying for all of 2017!  At any rate, the post is similar to Bienfaire's, and is called 12 Ethical & Eco Swimwear Brands if you're Searching for the Perfect Fit.  There is some overlap between the two blog posts.

I also understand that Patagonia swimwear is all recycled and fair trade!

As for the slippers, here's the deal: I've never "worked from home" until Linen Feast, and even in the last two years, I haven't had a home until two weeks ago.  My feet are freezing!  I know exactly which slippers I want - I follow Mahabis on Instagram and have been eyeing their funky designs for a few months.  But I knew nothing of their ethics, and so was pleased when I found this great post (and yet another awesome resource for ethical buying) on The Ethical Unicorn.  The highlights of the post:

  • Mahabis slippers are made in Portugal and Italy in ethically sound working conditions.
  • The soles of the slippers are made from TPU, and there is no use toxic chemicals in their production (Ethical Unicorn calls it a better version of PVC).
  • The soles pop off, so can be used forever even when you need a replacement on the slipper body.

I don't know about you, but I'm sold, and I can't wait to blog with warm feet!

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