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Make-it-Count Mother's Day!

I spend hours each week mining for ethical brands. I look for partners, but also to see what others are doing in this space. This invaluable information also helps me become a more conscientious consumer. I love a new scarf, shawl, or sarong, really any piece of colorful, texturized fabric that I can wear. And there are plenty of scarves to be had in the world. So I’ve decided that it’s okay to grow my collection as long as I buy from a “good” business, i.e. ethical, sustainable, and/or cause-based. This is an easy enough consumer commitment to make.  

With Mother’s Day around the corner, this same commitment to buying with intention can be made for mom. Many of the best businesses in this field are founded on improving the lives of women, so it’s the perfect fit to buy mindfully for the fabulous moms in our lives!

Fight human trafficking blankets//Fight human trafficking scarf//Support craft revival and fair trade scarf//Eliminate toxic chemicals salve//Support job creation in North Carolina  

  • I met Susan at Artists & Fleas Brooklyn.  She is warm, extremely knowledgeable, and well, natural.  Naturally Susan’s products are about skin-health and they're about versatility. Susan started making skin care products for herself because she wanted chemical-free and fragrance-free beauty care suitable for her sensitive skin.  What you'll find in her skin care portfolio are products like moisturizers that are long lasting, portable, and can be used for all over body. They're eco-friendly, travel-friendly and cruelty-free. Naturally Susan's products are handmade and packaged by Susan in New York City. 
  • I met Peggy – founder of Notti Toffee - at the Loblolly Boutique in Hobe Sound, FL where I (repeatedly) sampled all of her toffee and savory snack products. Notti Toffee is the little company with a big heart. With Notti Toffee, Peggy is bringing greater employment opportunities to the economically distressed Alleghany County in the mountains of NC.
  • I curate all of my non-vintage kantha blankets (baby and throw) from Love Calcutta Arts. I visit LCA to select the best, brightest, and boldest of their blankets, and it is one of my favorite parts of my visit to Kolkata. Many of these Kolkata-based freedom businesses are self-sustaining, not charities. There is an undeniable staying-power in this business model, and what they need is more consumers, who when buying a blanket or baby gift, to choose one of their products. Simply put, they just need more conscientious buyers.
  • I bought these silk ajrakh-bandhani scarves directly from the artisan at a Craftroots-sponsored event. At these market-like events, the artisans set the price and keep 100% of the revenue.

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